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Förderfähigkeit für das Programm „INVEST Zuschuss für Wagniskapital“ erhalten

Förderfähigkeit für das Programm „INVEST Zuschuss für Wagniskapital“ erhalten

Infectious diseases & vaccination

Animal lifestock is continuously threatened by infectious diseases. In order to contain an epidemic often many animals need to be killed. Vaccination is a proven way to effectively prevent such epidemic spread. However vaccines are limited by ever-changing pathogen variants, expensive development and manufacturing of vaccines, as well as by practical limitations, like stability and the handling of attenuated viruses. VEROVACCiNES developed an innovative patented technology platform for the fast and inexpensive development of highly protective vaccines.


is a research project, in which a novel, yeast based vaccination technology has been developed and  validated. The technology is being used for the development of animal vaccines. The vaccine consists of safe, food grade yeast cells in which single pathogen proteins are produced. After inactivation, the whole yeast cells are used for vaccination. The resulting vaccines have clear USPs over conventional vaccines:

  • platform widely applicable to different pathogens including viruses and bacteria
  • fast availability in case of newly emerging epidemics
  • inexpensive manufacture by industrial fermentation
  • extremely high storage stability of the freeze dried vaccine
  • simple combination of vaccines
  • vaccine is pathogen free
  • unequivocal differentiation of infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA)

In July 2017 the spin-off company VEROVACCINES GmbH was founded in Halle (Saale). It will further develop the results of the research project and bring them to the market. The project VEROVACCiNES won two first prizes, the SCIDEA innovation competition and the Hugo Junkers    prize.

Verovaccines technology overview

Verovaccines technology overview


The VEROVACCiNES research project has been initiated by the professors Dr. Sven-Erik Behrens and Dr. Karin Breunig, which are specialists in the field of virology and yeast molecular biology. The team of founders is complemented by the biotech entrepreneur Dr. Hanjo Hennemann and the economist Dr. Gerhard Breunig.

Verovaccine has gathered an interdisciplinary research team of veterinarians, virologists and molecular biologists.

Vaccine Development

There are currently three vaccine development programs under way in infectious bursitis in chickens, avian influenza, and infectious bovine diarrhea. The lead project achieved full protection of the target animal from infection with different viral variants, thus validating the technology and the novel vaccine class.

From University to biotech

VEROVACCiNES is heading towards the foundation of a biotech company, thus spinning out of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. A major milestone on this way was the acquisition of 5 mio. Euro funding by the prestigious GO-Bio- and the FORMAT-programs (Federal Ministry for Research and Technology). The GO-Bio program supports highly innovative biotech projects to mature on their way to become a viable biotech company. After the successful validation of the technology and the vaccine class VEROVACCiNE is currently active to acquire capital to become an operational biotech company.

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Verovaccines Förderer

Verovaccines Förderer